My Blog was (really) Visited from Plano, Texas?

City of Plano, Texas located in the state of Texas, the United States. Texas (abbreviated TX) itself is one of the U.S. states bordering New Mexico in the northwest, Oklahoma in the north, Arkansas in the northeast, Louisiana in the west, and the state of Mexico in the southwest and west.

According to the 2010 census, the population of the city of Plano approximately 259 841 inhabitants. That’s less than a third of the population of Central Jakarta. Notย  half of Magetan‘s total population in 2003. For more complete information about the city of Plano in Texas, you can go straight to the official website at Or if you want to see the map, of course, you can simply go to the google map that will display a map of Plano, Texas.

So, why am I suddenly writing about the city of Plano in Texas? The reason is simple. One of this blog plugin, called Feedjit, notified me that one of the visitors of this blog had been from Plano. There were two important things to pay attention to. First, a sense of over confidental pride as my blog had also been visited from the US. Second, a sense of introspection, because the visitor might not be from there. S/he maybe hadย  his or her IP address registered there (like my case, the IP address on my laptop once registered in the city of Malang, when I was online in Magetan).

To compromise my over confident and the sense of introspection, I decided to find more information about the truth of this mysterious visitor. I clicked right on the plugin Feedjit that appear. After logging into Feedjit, I got more info of the visitor. First, s/he looked to use the Linux OS. Secondly, he was browsing with Safari. From these two statements, I could take pre-conclusion: Linux and Safari browsers are rarely used in Indonesia.

It might be that the visitor was one of the Linuxer Indonesia . In the other side, it might also be that the guests was really came from the United States. If so, that the Visitor was really from Plano, I would say my best greeting: Welcome to indraisme1987, Buddy! ๐Ÿ™‚


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One thought on “My Blog was (really) Visited from Plano, Texas?

  1. Alergic 10 Oktober 2012 pukul 8:47 pm Reply

    This happens to me sometimes too ! But on visitors list says: Layered Technologies, Inc. It’s just a bot from a search engine or from… Don’t get too proud about this :))

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